Newly Remodeled bathroom with free standing tub

Bathroom remodeling

Several reasons necessitate the need for bathroom remodeling in homes. Whatever the reason is to remodel your bathroom, it is crucial to highlight that the activity has one of the highest returns on investment in homes.
One of the main reasons for bathroom remodeling is to give it a facelift. As time traverses, colors, and fashion change, and the bathroom may begin to look outdated. Furthermore, bathroom fittings start to undergo aging, plumbing begins to fail, and there is odor build-up. It becomes visible that the painting, tiling, faucet, and so on have been around for ages. Therefore, it becomes necessary to give the bathroom a makeover so that it keeps up with modern trends. A bathroom facelift updates your home’s style and adds value to it in the process. It is particularly significant if you intend to sell it eventually. An old, unsafe, or confined bathroom usually puts off prospective buyers, while an impeccable and modernized one improves their impression of the entire house.
Safety is one of the paramount factors in a bathroom. Aging causes the bathroom environment to become hazardous gradually. A full bathroom remodel helps you to eliminate these by installing safety features such as slip-resistant flooring, a walk-in shower, safety rails, and broader entrances.
Bathroom remodeling also plays a pivotal role in solving plumbing issues. Over time, leaks develop on the bathroom piping. Water whose source might be difficult to determine begins to appear on the floors, causing damage to the tiles and painting. Bathroom remodeling enables you the chance to give your plumbing an overhaul so that the system works efficiently. It will be time to replace obsolete piping with one that has modern material and design.
Competent bathroom remodeling contractors can also help you improve energy efficiency by installing several features that are aimed at saving water, underfloor heating, and low-flow toilets. It will significantly cut down your energy bill.

Choosing the right style for the project

It is paramount that you select the right style for your bathroom remodel. Several aspects should be considered before finally zeroing down on a particular design.
When selecting a bathroom to remodel style, you must look beyond the bathroom space. The design should blend perfectly with the rest of the house. For instance, if the doorknobs and hardware fitted throughout the entire home are oil-rubbed bronze, then a change in the bathroom finish could be distracting to the eye. The same applies to the color scheme, while the bathroom color does not need to be the same as those from the other rooms, at least it should be selected in a manner that will result in a smooth transition of shade.
The bathroom layout is also one of the factors that should be considered when styling your bathroom remodel. It should prioritize safety and result in effective utilization of the available space as well. Various configurations should be considered before for one that will give you the bathroom the efficient and modern feel that you desire.
It is not enough to just have a mental image of how the final product will be, you should have a pictorial view of how your bathroom will look like after the work has been done. It will eliminate the chances of having a different output from the one that you had envisioned.
Deluxe and efficient bathroom space is usually the work of a professional designer. You should engage one to ensure that at the end of the day, you have a bathroom remodel that is aesthetically pleasing, that will enable you to enjoy every moment you spend in the room.

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The bathroom remodeling cost is one of the most vital factors in the entire project. A properly done budget could be the difference between success or failure of the endeavor. Several factors affect the bathroom remodel estimate.

Scope of work

Firstly, there is the issue of the scope of work. Bathroom remodeling is done to varying degrees of depth. Suppose you will rip out the old ceramic tiles for some modern decorative vinyl sheets or some custom-cut glass tiles. In that case, it implies that the budget cost should cover the cost of floor removal and installation in addition to the material costs for the new floor. While a new modern flooring that utilizes water-resistant material would be a sound investment, it is one of the main cost drivers.
The bathroom remodeling costs are also driven by the complexity of the bathroom plumbing. If there is a need to move bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers to new positions, then it means intensive plumbing will be requisite, further pushing the costs up.
There is also the issue of countertops and cabinets. Most owners use countertops in the bathroom to act both as a practical surface – to hold items like their bath tools, kits, and cosmetics and a display case to show off décor pieces. Cabinets, overhead or under the sink, are used to neatly store bathroom essentials such as spare towels, cleaning supplies, cleaning chemicals, and so on. Generally, if your bathroom did not have cabinets and countertops before, having them included in your remodel’s the scope of works will also have a significant impact on the overall costs. It is especially true if you want your set to be customized in any way.
Also, on the scope of work as a factor on the bathroom remodel estimate, there is the issue of décor and amenities. Sometimes you may choose to give the room an ultra-modern feel. It means putting in Jacuzzi tubs, automated shower units, heated floor tiles, heated towel bars, rain showerheads, and steam units, saunas, large vanity sets, body sensors and sprays, a pebble shower floor, and so on. Having these high-end amenities on your scope of works further causes the overall costs to surge.

Quality of materials

No doubt, one of the determining factors in any project is associated with the quality of materials. There are a plethora of materials that can be used for various components of a bathroom when remodeling, and each is priced according to its levels of quality. Sometimes one material can cost as much as twice or even thrice the cost of the other for the same size.
The type of tiling that one will choose to incorporate into his/her bathroom during remodeling will have an impact on the overall budget. For instance, the price of porcelain tiles per unit area is significantly higher than that of ceramic ones for the same measure. Therefore, it is critical to factor in that the price of tiling materials varies depending on the quality when preparing a budget for remodeling your bathroom.
The costs of countertops and cabinets are mainly dictated by the type of material as well. An average laminate or granite countertop will not cost as much as one made out of marble, glass, or custom concrete. In the same manner, solid, high-end cabinets similar to those made from real or synthetic wood will come at a heftier price tag compared to those made from flimsy, inexpensive materials like plastic.
The same issues discussed on the tiling, cabinets, and countertops also affect other areas such as your bathroom’s ironmongery during the remodeling operations.

Labor costs

With so many bathroom remodeling companies in King County, you need to ensure that you engage competent personnel who will tackle your project with all due diligence so that it comes out just as you would have imagined it. Labor is one of the main cost drivers. It can account for as much as 40% of the total project cost. It is recommended that you get at least three labor quotations before you finally settle for a service provider. It is critical for comparison purposes. However, when considering the labor budget, you should also factor in the Remodeler’s competence. It is not sufficient to consider the labor quote at face value. There is a need to settle for the labor quotation that offers the required project specifications at the minimum cost.

Project supplies

Homeowners should be sure not to leave out project supplies in their cost budget. It includes expenses like equipment required for preparing the work, including minor demolitions and so on. It also includes the costs associated with transporting the materials and cleaning up afterward as well. It is paramount the summation of these nominal costs be added to the total budget so that you have an idea of what you are getting involved in financially.
Overall, a budget is a crucial aspect if you are planning your bathroom remodeling in Puyallup Washington and Pierce County. It must be done, including all due diligence, so that you remain on top of the costs at any point in time. It will also help you make sound financial decisions concerning the project.

Choosing the right contractor for a project.

There are many bathroom remodeling contractors in Puyallup, Washington. Therefore, the task of picking one can be a very daunting one. With this in mind, it is of paramount importance that you select the right contractor because after all has been said and done, it is the contractor’s performance that will have the most impact on the final product. There are several factors that one should consider before settling for a contractor. These must be considered in detail so that you obtain value for your money in your bathroom remodel. Some of these factors are discussed in-depth below.


One of the most critical aspects that homeowners should consider before choosing a contractor is their experience. You wouldn’t want to have your job done by a contractor who is still trying to figure out how things go by trial and error. Such a contractor might end up doing a shoddy job in your bathroom or making you run into unnecessary costs.
Therefore there is a need to verify the contractor’s track record in executing bathroom remodeling works by confirming whether they are licensed to do the work and how long they have been doing it. Such information can usually be confirmed by the contractors licensing certificates and responsible authorities in Puyallup, Washington.
The advantage of engaging an experienced contractor is that they would have gone through a myriad of situations over time, such that most probably they will not find any surprises in your bathroom. Therefore, they will likely deliver the project, according to the specifications, within a reasonable budget and agreed timeframe. These parameters are vital as they will ensure that you do not need to redo the work and settle unnecessary inflating bills as the project timeline prolongs.

Current customers’ references

No matter how competent they may appear, never engage a contractor whose work for previous customers you haven’t seen. It is pivotal that you track your contractor’s recent customers so that you obtain a firsthand account of his/her performance in a similar job. You will have to check the work they did and decide whether this is how you would want your bathroom to appear after the remodeling because usually, that is how your project is going to come out. Getting customer references is not only critical to verify the contractor’s technical competence, it is also the opportunity to hear out the contractor’s professionalism. These are some of the crucial aspects of your contractor that you will get from his/her customer references.

Trusted in the community

An excellent contractor is not only technically competent but adheres to project timelines, has excellent customer service, and respects contracts. These are the soft components of a contractor that will enable it to obtain the much-needed trust in the community. You should engage a company that has earned societal trust based on its applaudable ethical conduct. A company that is trusted in the community is the best one to engage, as it means even their post-project services are excellent. Sometimes you will need to call your contractor after project completion to address defects, and unless your contractor adheres to strict business ethics, such an endeavor might be difficult to arrange. Therefore, it is paramount to also consider your contractor’s business values before engaging them.


One of the best ways to select a contractor is by reading reviews. With technological tools enabling information to be widespread, there are various platforms and resources that homeowners can use to access information about the performance of contractors. There are numerous contracting blogs online, as well as magazines and so on, some of which are written by reputable industry professionals. It is paramount that homeowners find the time to visit these resources and platforms so that they have an expert opinion regarding the performance of these contractors before they fall into traps with bogus service providers. The reviews also enable previous clients to provide ratings on contractors based on their working experience with them. Usually, if you see a particular issue highlighted by several reviewers, then that should serve as a red flag if you intend to engage that contractor. While the reviews also have their demerits in the sense that they may be a well-coordinated attack on the reputation of a particular contractor, or they may be biased, they should still be included in the broad set of tools that homeowners can use to gain information regarding a contractor’s performance.


One of the paramount tools that homeowners should utilize before selecting a contractor is through a bidding process. It is not recommended to engage a contractor based on a single quotation, regardless of how good they are. A project of such magnitude as a bathroom remodeling should be bid on by several contracting companies. It means the homeowner should flight an advert that clearly states the project scope and specifications on the appropriate platforms and invite contractors to tender. The winning bid should then be selected from various quotations provided by various contractors. However, homeowners should not make a decision based on the most affordable price. They should ensure that the entire scope of work is covered by the quotation. Some contractors have the habit of luring unsuspecting homeowners by a too good to resist quotation, only to emerge later on there are additional costs to be met that had been deliberately omitted from the quotation. It may cause contractual disputes.


Most jurisdictions have laws that regulate contracting works. It will be a requirement that every contractor doing certain kinds of work be licensed and given a certificate by the responsible authorities before executing them. The specific regulations vary according to jurisdiction, therefore, it is paramount to ensure that you are familiar with the licensing regulations in effect in your area and also that your contractor complies with them. Failure to adhere to these requirements will be interpreted as a breach of the local laws and could result in litigation procedures initiated against the offenders. Therefore, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that he/she engage contractors that are legally permitted to execute bathroom renovations in Pierce County.
Licensing is critical as it ensures that your bathroom remodeling company also complies with compensation insurance requirements for their workforce. Some contractors are known for not providing their employees with this much-needed compensation insurance in an attempt to maximize profitability. However, if an accident happens during work on your property, you might find yourself entangled in a legal dispute requiring you to be held liable for settling the medical expenses. Therefore, it is paramount that you protect yourself against this possibility by ensuring that your remodeling contractor offers its workforce compensation insurance.

Bezruchuk Inc Genearal Contractor

Bezruchuk Inc is one of the reliable general contractors in Washington since March 2013. The company offers high-end home remodeling and improvement services in Washington. What makes them a cut above the rest is their long-term commitment to professionalism, which is an aspect that critical when executing works of such magnitude as bathroom remodeling. Bezruchuk Inc is manned by competent personnel that will be able to give you a detailed bathroom remodel cost breakdown.

Fast service

The team from Bezruchuk comprises highly experienced professionals in various trades such as designers, electricians, painters, and flooring specialists. These are fully committed to your home improvement and remodeling. A single call is enough to mobilize the entire team, spearheaded by the team leader, towards making a reliable and accurate assessment of your home.
Customized designs
Bezruchuk Inc’s general contractors are good at providing quality assessments, clear quotations, and top-notch work. They also find time to discuss the remodeling project with their clients so that the final product comes out exactly as the client would have envisioned it.

Attention to detail

One of the principal strengths of Bezruchuk Inc is its attention to detail. Interior design, remodeling works are very much demanding when it comes to the specifics. The team is dedicated to ensuring the all the finishes on your remodel are in perfect condition after the job is done. There are no nooks and crannies that will not be left unattended. It company prides itself on providing services of utmost perfection so that their clients obtain real value for their money.


Bezruchuk Inc’s general contractors are known in Washington for their unmatched levels of professionalism. The company has established its reputation as being hinged on clear quotations, adherence to deadlines, and keeping their clientele updated regularly – customers do not have to search for answers from Bezruchuk, for the company provides answers before questions are asked. Therefore, homeowners who engage Bezruchuk Inc general contractors to be assured that their bathroom remodeling works or whatever it will be done on time, with the utmost levels of professionalism.
Overall, the company’s levels by providing quality services bear testimony to its motto that goes “Quality You Deserve & Reliability You Can Trust”. The motto is not to sloganeer but serves as a gentle reminder to each employee every day of the company’s values.

Before commencement of works

Project schedule

For the bathroom remodeling project to be organized and completed in a timely, quality and financially sound manner, there is a need to schedule it carefully. Effective scheduling plays a role of paramount importance in ensuring project success. Your contractor should provide you with a detailed schedule before the commencement of works. It should include realistic targets and time frames. For a full bathroom remodel, the project might take anything between 4 to 8 weeks. There are several reasons why your bathroom remodeling company must provide you with the project schedule are these are discussed below.


Project scheduling impacts the overall bathroom remodeling, financial estimate. Time constraints enable contractors to schedule resources effectively. It is particularly crucial when there is a need for highly specialized skills and knowledge or when expensive materials are required, as in the case when you are undertaking a full bathroom remodeling project. By having a project schedule detailing realistic estimates and accurate projections, you guard against last-minute orders that tend to drive up costs.


Another reason why the project schedule is important is that it increases the ease of managing your project. It enables you to gauge the project progress at any point in time during the works. Having an idea of how your bathroom remodeling project is progressing will help you to prepare for the challenges that you will be foreseeing and also to make procurement plans on time.

Quality assurance

A full bathroom remodel comprises a series of tasks that all build up on top of the other until the entire project is completed. Project scheduling ensures the next task can only commence after the previous one has been done according to specifications. It is an excellent quality control method because it dictates that technical issues are addressed as they arise. Such a robust mechanism is ideal. It ensures that no huge issues are brought to light upon completion, as effective quality control measures would have been established at the beginning of the scheduling process.


Major renovation work in King County will require permits in terms of electrical, plumbing, and remodeling. It is not legally permitted to introduce such extent of alterations to a home without approvals from the authorities. Therefore, you must ensure the relevant documents are submitted to the authorities in advance before the commencement of works to avoid delays that may be introduced from having to wait for the approval process.
Acquiring a remodeling permit in Puyallup, Washington, ensures that as a homeowner, you protect the outcome. Having your bathroom remodeling project permitted by the authorities confirms that the renovation specifications of the construction codes and safety rules are being adhered to.
Permit forms are an integral part of the remodeling process, and without them, the value of the property is reduced drastically. Having permits for all renovations done at your property enhances its value because it might be difficult to sell such property without accompanying documents proving that it is fit for occupation.
Sometimes in the absence of the requisite permits, authorities might direct that demolitions be made due to failure to comply with regulations. It will be a huge financial loss to the homeowner. That is why it is vital to have all the renovation projects approved by the relevant authorities before the commencement of works.

Contractual terms

A written contract is one of the most critical issues before the commencement of works on a bathroom remodeling project. It is because of the level of economic value that the transaction entails. A written agreement stipulates the two parties’ obligations to each other and establishes how risks will be shared on the project.
A construction contract does not have to be reduced to written form for it to exist or operate. Once two parties agree to have construction work performed, and the builder commences the work, there is a construction contract that exists, regardless of whether the agreement has been reduced to writing and signed by both parties. In the case of a well-drafted contract, the written terms clearly define the parties’ agreement, their expectations, division of risks, and obligations.
On the other hand, an oral contract does not provide written terms that control it. One of the biggest challenges associated with non-written contracts is that each party’s respective memory fades over time, and this is a principle issue in the event of a dispute. To circumvent the possibility of such an occurrence, homeowners should ensure that they have a written contract in their possession before works commence.
Even if you trust your bathroom remodeled, there are additional benefits that can be derived from having a written contract for the project. It sets up a clear roadmap at the initiation of the project describing how the parties will proceed in carrying out the work. Such an arrangement helps ensure smooth continuity and drastically reduces the risks of potential problems. In the absence of such a road map, each party might operate based on assumptions. Even though that may be in good faith, it has the potential to have disastrous effects on the project.
Another advantage of a written contract is that it forces the bathroom remodeling company involved to consider and agree on matters that you might not have even contemplated at the beginning of a project but are commonly encountered in such works and have the potential to become the main issues during the work.
Finally, if you have a dispute with your contractor, and it requires litigation procedures, having a written contract leads to a more efficient, less expensive resolution of the dispute.
Therefore, it is paramount that if you are hiring a general contractor in Puyallup, Washington, for your bathroom remodeling works, then you should read and fully understand the contract before you sign it. You should also not be hesitant to ask questions on matters that require clarifications. That could be the difference between winning or losing a legal battle if disputes arise on the project.

Payment schedule

Before the commencement of works, the homeowner and the bathroom remodeling company must agree on a payment schedule. It refers to a list of dates or project milestones when payments will be made by the homeowner to the contractor. The agreement is usually that the homeowner will make a payment after certain stages have been completed satisfactorily. A payment schedule usually provides crucial details such as the figure to be paid as an initial installment, the payment interval, and the estimated project cost. The importance of a payment schedule should not be overlooked, as this is one of the areas where disputes usually arise between contractors and homeowners.

Mental preparation for the project

There is also the psychological aspect of the project that homeowners must brace up for if they intend to carry out a full bathroom remodeling work in Puyallup WA. Due to the magnitude of the works involved and the length of the period during which the work will be done, it is paramount that you are mentally prepared for the endeavor because it may prove to be emotionally strenuo


It is vital to highlight that renovation works will result in dust particles floating around the house. While there are construction methods that contractors will employ to minimize dust, these will not result in a dust-free environment. Therefore, homeowners must take adequate measures to reduce the effect of this health hazard, especially if there are children around. Such measures may include relocating items, especially electronic gadgets that may be affected by dust, and also wearing protective gear such as dust masks.
It also brings to light the issue of cleaning. The levels of dust that might be generated as workers work with cement and gravel might require that there is a significant level of cleaning to be done regularly during the work so that your home remains habitable. Therefore, you should inquire whether the contractor will provide the service as part of their costs, or you will have to handle it on your own. It is crucial as it will enable you to plan in as much as finances are concerned.


Sometimes contractors will have to hire subcontractors to tackle some aspects of the project. Various reasons explain this practice. It could be because the main contractor will not be technically competent to cover the other parts of the project and hires a more specialized company to tackle it. Another reason would be that the contractor wants to ensure that the project is completed within the specified timeframe. As a result, you might find your home having new faces working on it here and there. These will be subcontractors. On your bathroom remodeling project, subcontractors might come to execute works such as plumbing, electrical work, or finishes. With this in mind, since you might have different people coming in and out, you must frequently communicate with your bathroom remodeling contractor so that you avoid having strangers or even thieves access your premises.


Sometimes renovation works procedures dictate that you might have to wait for a while before you continue with the job. For instance, concrete works require curing time before you can proceed to the next stage. Therefore, sometimes your contractor might not be on-site on particular days, but that does not necessarily imply a lack of seriousness. Also, your contractor might have to temporarily halt work while waiting for the authorities to approve that stage before they can proceed. These are some of the reasons that may make it seem that your contractor is ‘delaying’ when actually everything is going according to schedule.

Labor warranty

Another crucial aspect that should not be overlooked by homeowners is the labor warranty. Your contractor must provide a labor warranty, and you must ensure that there is a clause clearly stating this provision in the contract document before you sign it. The length of the warranty is also another crucial factor. Labor warranty guards you as the homeowner against incurring expenses associated with poor workmanship, and installation errors. Most bathroom general contractors in Puyallup, Washington, provide a labor warranty that covers about one year from the completion date of the work.

Additional expenses

While you are working on your bathroom remodeling cost-breakdown, you should also be prepared to handle unexpected expenses that arise whenever there are renovation works going on. For instance, you may discover that a plumbing pipe is not the right size to pass an inspection, and there is an urgent need to have it replaced for it to consider fit for use by the inspectors. Such occurrences are common in the construction industry, and there is a need to be prepared for that. Generally, it is good practice to set aside any amount between the range of 10 to 20 percent to cover these possible occurrences. These expenses are referred to as contingency in the construction sector.

The finalization.

It is also common in the construction industry that the contractor proposes changes in the project when the works have already begun due to prevailing circumstances. You must ensure that you receive all the change orders about those issues before any additional works are done.
While contractors usually have a punch list of their own, it is also vital that you have your punch list as a homeowner that highlights areas that still need to be completed or have not been completed properly. It will help you eliminate the chances of making the final payment when there are still issues to be addressed by the contractor.

As the homeowner, either you or your representative must ensure that all the works are done according to specifications. Depending on the complexity of the remodeling project, it might be a good idea to hire an independent professional to come and make an assessment of the final project to check whether the job was done according to specifications. The cost of having such an assessment done on your behalf is small relative to the expenses you may incur in an attempt to have the contractor to come back and address issues post project. It is because the issue may now need to involve costly litigation procedures. It is fundamental to ensure that all the contractual obligations for the involved parties have been met, and it should be done before the final payment is made.