Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage

Restoration in Sumner, WA

Water damage to your home is one of the most painful events that can happen to your home, and you as well.

However, it does happen.

Flooding in Sumner WA

In Puyallup WA we know there are occurring floods happening, which are extreme cases of water damage, but still an example. The latest flooding happened only last year, in 2017.

Burst water pipe and less severe water damage accidents

Another less severe event where water damage can happen is when a pipe bursts open. Even though the situation is not as severe as flooding is, the damage to your home can be just as bad. The damage depends on if you are home when it happens, or if you are not with the time it takes for you to find out – which is also the time it takes for the damage to be more severe.

Bezruchuk Inc. can help you with the water damage restoration in Sumner, WA! We are experts at it and have done it a lot of times before. However, before we get to restoration, you need to take some really fast steps to prevent the severity of the damage to your home.

BEZRUCHUK INC offer, quality installations and competitive pricing reliable service for all of your remodeling needs.

Quality you deserve and reliability you can trust.

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BEZRUCHUK INC offer, quality installations and competitive pricing reliable service for all of your remodeling needs.

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Here are the first steps to take before starting on your restoration:

1. Valuable items

As soon as possible to remove the most valuable items in your home, or from the area affected by the water flooding. You need to salvage as much as you possibly can, to minimize the costs of a water damage restoration in Sumner, WA, and the costs on your lifestyle.

2. Call water flooding experts

They will help with possibly stopping the water from spilling even more, or in case that it has stopped, start immediately on getting rid of the accumulated water. This needs to happen as soon as possible to minimize the damage as much as possible by clearing the water and starting to dry out the wet or soaked floors, walls, and furniture, as to not leave room for future mold and excessive moisture.

3. More valuable items.

While they get to your home, get some more valuables out of the damaged area and start trying to clear up as much water as possible by bucketing it out, soaking, or using humidifiers. Turn on your air conditioner as well, if you have one or open up all the windows – this will really help to get the moisture out.

4. Call your insurance company

Let them know what has happened. They will send an adjuster to see the situation and evaluate the damage and the costs needed for repairs. Don’t worry if the situation gets better once he or she gets to your home. They are aware that in emergency situations such as these, people act quickly. It won’t impact the amount of money you will receive – but do inform them of everything you did to help minimize the water damage. More money means you get the best out of a water damage restoration in Sumner, WA.

5. Call a mold inspector

Once the recovery disaster team does their work and the situation is less urgent, but most importantly once your home is as dried out as possible – you will need somebody to inspect for mold spores inside of the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Once you get a good-to-go from them and have heard back from your insurance, you now know the budget you have to make your house a home again.

6. Get a Free Estimate

Here is where we come in to help with your remodel in Sumner, WA. We are experts in the area of Seattle.

The budget for a remodel in Sumner, WA

If your budget is low – we promise to at least get back your old home to be itself again by restoring everything. If your budget is high, we’ll add extra features to your home that you’ve actually been dying to have set in but didn’t get to have done.

Matter of fact, a remodel might be costly or it might not be, you could actually be surprised and relieved. Water damage restoration can take between $450 and $8,000, with a national average of $2,584.
We’ll assess your situation and give you a clear price.

Utilities, flooring, and everything else that is needed for a restoration

We’ll also take care of any utility issues such as electrical problems. We’ll make sure your walls and flooring get restored or improved.

We are experts in carpet, hardwood, laminated and tile and stone flooring. We can also help with replacing what you currently had, with something else. For example a carpet flooring – we can easily transform it into beautiful hardwood, be it oak, maple, acacia, or simply pine.

Call us today and let us help you remodel your home after water damage.

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